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This is beautiful movie clip showing a dream that everybody should look in their life. how about you ?

watch it twice so you can enjoy it fully  and have a good weekend

I hope this is Great Roseto

We have several activities in the office and celebrate every moments whatever it is. That moments make our life valuable, that’s what we live for. what do you think

Valentine 2010 : Celebrate love

Love Everywhere, Everytime – Entertain people with music

You know me so well – music is for all people

Meeting with bahasa sunda

Pecha Kucha at Bandung Organised by Deddy Wahjudi and crews

3rd winner entry – Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan Universitas Indonesia

This project is located in University of Indonesia area, Depok. The programming of the function keeps high constraint of the building’s density for 8 storey height. The problems then synthesized the solution to have a place to be social. DOT Workshop proposed the hexagon form which then responds to the activity of the people using the place, a function that is encouraging 2 ways of learning, for the students and for the lecturer. The hexagon proves to be aesthetically challenging, efficient in plan, and could be built module by module.

The design proposed a unique atrium proposing a concept of vertical neighborhood which encourages interaction between people, remembering this is an education facility, and this place should be a place for people learning from people, people sharing for people, and people keep relationship with people. The terracing balconies extruded from the façade creates self-shaded device which the combination creates roof garden that is the place for people for enjoying fresh air.

The concept of allowing the fresh air to circulate divided by 2 concepts, the first one is creating cross air circulation through the opening of the roof garden and the second, is allowing air stacking system by introducing chimney at the top floor.

The façade designed carefully by studying what does work for preventing direct sunlight. The solution is specifically located by open the wall to the certain size horizontally then the expression is purely functional and beautifully crafted by nature. Thank you for Andhang as a leader for team. It is such fantastic work.

Team Leader : Realrich Sjarief

Team : Andhang Trihamdhani, Indra DN, Bayu Prayudhi, Silvanus Prima, MorianSaspriatnadi, David Sampurna, Anastasia Widyaningsih.