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1st Prize Winner – Kampung Batik National Open Competition


"Batik is a the process of writing a picture or decoration on any media by using the wax as a medium to coloring" (International Batik Convention in Yogyakarta,1997).

Therefore, in designing the “kampung batik”, the design focus on the process, stitching layer upon layer, combining the past and the future, making a harmonious design within cultures, people and the environment meet.

This competition was held by the local government of Semarang to proposed a new design and idea of the “Kampung Batik”. Kampung Batik is located at North Semarang city near the Old Colonial city of Semarang. It expected to become the center of batik , as well as a new tourist destination in Semarang city.

There are several issues during designing this Kampung Batik, they are the complexticity of the residential, lack of open space, and ownership of the building there. The realization of the design is expected to be inexpensive and can benefit all parties.

The design is divided into two phases, where at the first phase, the design propose minimal intervention to a few buildings and the neighborhoods, while continuing to raise funds. The second phase, the proposal offers new identity with the replacement of some buildings, building facades and the addition of a large canopy that stands out for the village. We also made some events proposal to maintain the continuity of the Kampung Batik.

Team Leader : Realrich Sjarief

Team: Randy abimanyu, David Sampurna, Morian Suspriatnadi, Andhang Trihamdani, Suryanaga, Maria Pardede, Indra DN, Mukhammad Ilham




primary thoughts

2nd prize winner Orang Utan research station National open competition – west borneo

World Wildlife Fund for nature (WWF) Indonesia has long been recognized as an international non-governmental organization working on issues regarding the conservation, research and restoration of the environment. The station for Orang Utan Research facility provides the research lab for preserving habitat of orang Utan. It design responds to rational for specific research, encouraging intercommunication and providing flexible, light filled working spaces in which research teams can expand and contact with ease.

The area is 12 hours drive continues by 1.5 hours transport by long boat, in total almost 900 km distance from Pontianak, the nearest city. Thedesign synthesized called for close proximity between laboratories, core support areas, offices, and Bedroom. Two organic wings and one ore frame a linear configuration formed by repetition  of triangular shape which we called a practical form which is easy to construct and cheap on the budget wise. This is a philosophy beyond the functionalism which synthesized wood as the only sustainable material which has to be used.

Looking at the extinction of orang utan species, Together with the implementation of this station for research these buildings in the initial proposal hopefully will bring beautiful impact on the architecture of research facilities around the world. Not only have they set new technical standards but they represent an exciting new research environment to live with.

Team Leader : Realrich Sjarief

Team member : David Sampurna, Indra Dwinugraha, Silvanus Prima, Andhang Trihamdhani, Bayu Prayudhi, Morian Saspriatnadi, Anastasia Widyaningsih


3rd prize Winner PU Gateway + Pedestrian National Open Competition

“ Dynamic Stability and Stability in Dynamic

The meaning from ministry of Public Works (PU) symbol translated into the most primitive stability form “triangle” as a thesis and the inverted triangle form as antithesis to show the dynamic of this form.

In designing process, PU symbol become the main form that applied into all aspect in the design, not only the form of the gate but also the paving of the pedestrian.

This competition was held by ministry of Public Works (PU) to collect fresh idea for new improvement in future ministry of Public Works office area. There are several issues that considered in this competition, they are the gate character that can united with all building in the site and green design.

As the green design aspect we design main gate which have function as water collector and energy generator. For the pedestrian area we design shelter and public furniture which also based on PU symbol form. This pedestrian is designed with nodes which can accommodate event and activities around ministry of Public Works (PU) not only regular activities like jogging and biking but also annual event like bazar and festival.

Team Leader : Realrich Sjarief

Member team: Maria Pardede, Randy abimanyu, David Sampurna, Morian Suspriatnadi, Andhang Trihamdani, Suryanaga, Indra DN, Mukhammad Ilham, Septrio Effendy, Gavin Gunawan