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Япония — Википедия

Япония — Википедия

Вулкан Олимп – русскоязычный сайт, подразумевающий также возможность познакомиться со слотами на английском языке.

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Bare Minimalist is in Dwell Indonesia Vol 3 2013

Bare Minimalist is in Dwell Indonesia Vol 3 2013. Dwell Indonesia published Home in the Modern World, Indonesia’s smartest modern homes, the newest Indonesian design, and talking about how to make our cities and world better.


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Akanaka Project on Home&Decor




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Talkshow: The Successful Architect

What is the meaning of success for an architect? How can an architect be successful? And the most important question, how can an architecture student become a successful architect? A young successful architect in Indonesia, Mr Realrich Sjarief, shared his life and experience to UPH Architecture Student in a talkshow entitled “The Successful Architect” which was part of The Arcamp 2013: Project A which was held on Bidadari Island on May 19th, 2013. The audiences were enthusiastic when they heard Mr Sjarief revealed his secret of success, through many obstacles from an ordinary architecture student who ever not passing a studio until he worked for Sir Norman Foster in London, and finally opened his own architectural firm which he proudly called the best office in the world.