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Realrich Sjarief invited in Forum Arsitektur Archinesia #11, discussing the importance of Architecture Exhibition

Jangan Remehkan Pameran Arsitektur
Nama nama arsitek seperti Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, dkk,
dipercaya menjadi besar karena ikut pameran ‘Modern Architecture : International Exhibition’ di tahun 1932.
Sebuah pameran arsitektur berskala internasional pertama di Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York yang dikurasi oleh Philip Johnson dan melahirkan ‘International Style’

Pameran adalah satu medium menyampaikan pemikiran dan aspirasi – juga statement – dari arsitek.
Selain itu pameran merupakan alat propaganda mengeluarkan style maupun ‘ideologi’ baru.
Yang lebih kita kenal pameran arsitektur adalah media komunikasi arsitek kepada khalayak.

Bagaimana arsitek bisa memanfaatkan pameran arsitektur ?
Apa yang dapat kita petik dari pameran arsitektur ?

di Forum Arsitektur Archinesia #11 bersama :

AYOS PURWOAJI, Kurator pameran “Haryono Sigit” di Surabaya
IMELDA AKMAL, Penulis dan pengamat Arsitektur
REALRICH SJARIEF, Arsitek yang mengikuti dan mengamati pameran arsitektur international
M. CHOTOB, Arsitek surabaya (moderator)

Kamis 7 April 2016 – 19,00 sampai selesai
Grand City @Indobuiltech Surabaya
GRATIS. Untuk Info & Reservasi : 0857 7202 2861

Forum Arsitektur Archinesia (FAA)
Adalah acara diskusi bulanan yang diselenggarakan oleh majalah Archinesia.
Sealin arsittek, forum juga mengundang para pembicara yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan
terbangun, kesenian, budaya dan desain untuk menambah wawasan pengetahuan
dan mengembangkan profesi arsitek.

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Home Sweet Home

20160306 at Home Sweet Home  “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. “William Arthur Ward

design has been changing from time to time in every week, there has been iterations.


I am really thankful for all of the situation which is happening around me and family, and beautiful people that I met every day.

In these few months, the economy is quite challenging. I am focussing in small bits design part, and keeping myself busy with upcoming design commission, and ongoing construction. I really want to go to travel to somewhere beautiful, but Miracle is still  4 months old. If we take the trip, he can’t go with us, doctor recommended that his age needs to be 6 months to be safe on the plane. Anyway,  what’s happening in these months? Saturday and Sunday are days for Miracle and Laurensia, while sometimes the time is for studio and omah . In these 4 months, Ordinary things happening every day, I love ordinary, three things which are : first old friend, second about Future life, and the third Ordinary design check up.

First, Old friend, first client, Charles asked me to do renovation for bare minimalist few months ago, it’s about the renovation, refining the crown for ME and redoing bare concrete finishes. We did some renovation for his project, I did small bit design for him, landscape, steel perforated plate detail to allow air coming to the ME space. Meanwhile, Song Chin, the editor from Malaysia asked bare minimalist to be published in his magazine, a couple of interviews, the magazine will be out next months, looking forward to reading it and get feedback from it.

here is new picture of Bare Minimalist, owned by Charles Wiriawan. With new detail joint of polycarbonate using Alumunium to avoid dust and leaking, the roof top of perforated plate detail.
here is new pictures of Bare Minimalist, owned by Charles Wiriawan. With new detail joint of polycarbonate using Aluminium to avoid dust and leaking, the rooftop of perforated plate detail.
new lighting spot installment to support activity.
new lighting spot installment to support activity.

House of  Frans Wirawan, is going to be published soon in local publication endorsed by Karlina from Laras, she and may my client seems to be happy, I’m happy for him. A publication, for me, is just a moment for reflection in our work, the writer justified all of the facts, and created such a story in appreciating architecture. From that point, several perspective might happened, I hope for critics for my work, as what as discussion with fellow architect friends  from time to time, that the evaluation attitude is needed to improve ourself to be better architect.

Second, Sometimes, some blessings happening in ordinary time because of many people helped us, supported us. We have to keep supporting people around us, such as Albert came to me about creating community village in Belitung, how he was so excited to build the village in Membalong area, South of Belitung. He and his dad Pak Agus, wanted to do good, of course, there will be a business premise, but the spirit is good. what we did in the program is to inject artist to the village, by creating, designing, and combining local and designer. hopefully,  this will make the village come to live. We have done the project, nicely, Albert is going to Singapore to bring in their new concept in joint collaboration with IMABARI, hope his project will be built soon. I can understand some of the commercial projects need gimmick marketing, the challenge is always, make the realization. In order to realize the project, the challenge and pressure will be there, the reaction to it, and the positivism will be very important.

Third, Just 2 weeks ago, We were selected by Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAI)  to do the design of Archery area, Football area, and Hockey area in Gelora Bung Karno. The dateline is strict and short. From what I see in the gap, that Architecture programming will be very important, it shows certain standard, budgeting, the flow of people,goods, executive, degree of privacy. At the end, it is about the responsible to be professional. From this point of view, we did a certain study for programming, before starting the design, and doing several scenario of circulation, mass, and activity. It’s like I am very critical about this in the design group with another architect, I did this in a purpose of being responsible for design decision which I think this will support the team with the correct ground, doing grounded design and functional design. It’s about the basic of the design, nothing more.

First Briefing 7.:30 at Gelora Bung Karno Administration Office 
Second Meeting with Colleague


Meeting till 2.30 pm morning with Supie Yolodie, Adi Purnomo, Adjienegara, Boy Bhirawa, Maria Rosantina, Deddy Wahjudi, Nelly Daniel, Danang. 

Things, the moment became the blessing in this challenging time. I am really thankful, and appreciate the kindness of all of the support of the family, wherever you are, please take care. We are moving to the guild soon.



Wirawan House

terracing expression with north south orientation, landscaped terraced massing, single – double void. This house was conceived as a modern rationalist house with neo modernist influence. The house consists of clustering of 4 bedrooms arranged by wonderful scene, playing of solid void in the compact site. The overall composisiton ties these buildings together in a harmonious arrangement. The expression itself arranged by solid wooden box which shows lightness by touching the ground lightly. The circulation through the building is organised aroung a sequence of views that progressively move in hierarchy to more private area. The attention of to the play of lifht and shadow, created through a combination of materials and artificial and natural light is fundamendal to the design of the house and evokes the quietude of such a retreat house which stated by its gentle architecture.

Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief
Client : undisclosed, based on client’s request
Project Team : Bambang Priyono, Tatyana Kusumo, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Rio Triwardhana, Suryanaga, Anton Suryanto, Andhang Trihamdhani, Emmy Ulfah, Randy Abimanyu
Status : on construction
General Contractor : > O + Workshop
Supervisor in charge : Sudjatmiko and Singgih Suryanto
Structure Engineer : John Djuhaedi


RAW Office Wall

RAW office – space that we passed through hardwork to the sky


Strange Library

Omah Alpha


OMAH Architecture Library

OMAH alpha – summer pavillion – our meeting room, open plan office, and strange library


RAW Architecture Office

Our alpha base : the beginning


Catenary Window

We are speeding up the progress of theguild.


Bare Minimalist is on renovation

Bare Minimalist after small renovation : perforated roof top, refinish concrete, repaint the steel hollow and canopy


Window Opening

round window with bracing, each opening is 1.22 wide m, and 3.5 height using custom hinge and 4×4 hollow steel for the casing of opening.


Water retention system as landscape

water sensitive urban design was built in one of RAW’s project at Jakarta


The Guild 50%

The Guild 50%


Passive Design

This house in Jakarta – The guild, walled its west side with service and open air space while exposing south and north to landscape and transparent, covered by roof that function as garden and rainwater collection. the detail is crafted on site by local and basic material : brick, concrete, plate, and hollow steel



Steel plate finishes forming skylight with plate as water stopper


The Guild

Exposed structure, thin roof, water collection, cantilevered for lightness and shading devices.


Puncak Keemasan Office 90%

Puncak Keemasan Office – Wooden Folie


Sutera Mentari – House for Edhie Rahardja

Stacking brick : to increase privacy and gives shading, aesthetic to the front facade in House for Edhie Rahardja – Sutera Mentari


Rahayu di antara Awal dan Akhir – Untuk Agus

160315 Medan Jawaban untuk https://www.facebook.com/notes/agus-agm/learning-from-the-httpreal-richorg20151225learning-the-opposite-side-of-soejoedi/10156507986260521

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 12.54.19 AM

Dear Agus,

Proses untuk bertemu adalah kehendak yang Kuasa. Setiap jalan yang kita jalani adalah kepemilikan semesta. Oleh karena itu saya akan membalas surat Agus dengan rahayu, melengkapi bukan meniadakan, dengan paradigma yang membangun, kita ada di satu meja yang sama tidak berseberangan, meski adakalanya meja yang berseberangan itu bisa terjadi, dan memang saling meniadakan itu perlu juga untuk meniadakan gangguan- gangguan sehingga kita bisa melihat esensi yang dibicarakan.

Dimanapun kita dengan segala sosok yang telah menjadi, di titik omega, titik akhir yang adalah titik sekarang, dan memperbandingkan dengan titik alpha, titik awal di jaman dahulu. Kita ada di titik yang sama, untuk membangun dunia yang lebih baik, kenangan – kenangan masa lalu masih lekat terasa, dan apa yang ada di saat ini adalah sebuah titik awal untuk kenangan di masa depan. Sebenarnya ini semua untuk melepas rasa kangen akan titik alpha, dengan adanya respek terhadap titik mula, sebenarnya kita melakukan kritik diri sendiri akan kesombongan kita di titik omega, karena apa jadinya titik akhir tanpa titik awalan. Apabila itu terjadi mungkin kita sedang lupa landasan, melayang terlalu tinggi yang sebenarnya kita ada di dalam dunia kita sendiri.

Oleh karena itu semoga diri ini bisa menjadi satu pribadi yang menghargai titik awal, tanpa pernah sombong dengan titik akhir. Karena tanpa titik awal apalah kita ini. Justru inilah yang terjadi dalam dunia arsitektur kita, dimana, jalinan titik awal dan titik akhir seringkali terputus, terputus oleh diskomunikasi, kesombongan, keengganan untuk berbicara dari hati ke hati yang sebenarnya urusannya cukup mudah dipetakan.Yuswadi Saliya sudah memang membahas mengenai trinitas dalam karya manusia di semesta, tangan, spiritual dan pikiran. Kerja tangan dari spiritual akan menghasilkan kecintaan dan kepakaran, segala sesuatu yang muncul dari cinta adalah perasaan kasih untuk bisa berbagi, membangun. Selain itu ada juga perasaan obsesi, nafsu yang kerap memunculkan pesan untuk berseberangan, tidak mau kalah. Rahayu mengajarkan keseimbangan, melengkapi untuk mencapai kesempurnaan.

Menilik Soejoedi, adalah soal rasionalitas keilmuan dan menilik Mangunwijaya adalah soal hati dalam menerapkan keilmuan dalam hidupnya menjadi manusia yang mengabdi semesta. Kerasionalitasan kita akan meletakkan lingkup batas kita pada keilmuan, itu adalah dasar tanpa perlu untuk dilebar – lebarkan. Tataran kelimuan memang membutuhkan batas untuk bisa diukur, dibedah, diiris – iris bagian yang enak dan bagian yang tidak enak, salah dan benarnya supaya bisa ditelan dan didudukkan pada tempatnya. Kerja kelimuan adalah kerja tangan dan pikiran. Kerja spiritualitas itu yang kemudian menjadikan Mangunwijaya menjadi manusia semesta, mendudukkan kita dalam kerja spiritual akan menjadikan kita memberikan kepakaran seutuhnya – seluruhnya, tidak setengah, seper empat sepertiga ataupun seper enam, jiwa kita pun akan masuk kedalam kerja kepakaran dalam rahayu, membangun. Mungkin ini kerangka spiritualitas yang muncul setelah alpha (titik awal) menuju omega (titik akhir).

Oleh karena itu agus, saya akan bertanya, kapan kita bertemu lagi ? untuk menggapai omega yang menjadi alpha kembali.


dari pribadi yang gelisah.

Realrich Sjarief

the heart that loves is always young
the heart that loves is always young
award news

Finalist of IAI Jakarta Recognition award 2016 for National Gallery of Indonesia

RAW is in finalist of closed category section IAI recognition Award 2016 held by Indonesian Institute of Architect. Realrich Sjarief is nominated together with Tiyok Prasetyoadi and Hasan Halim.


Architecture Survival Guide

160306, 04.00 am, OMAH Library, Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. Dalai Lama

garageI did lecture a month ago with just a good will for young architect. I got so much thing, nurtured by clients, being happy with the process being architect. I do love architecture, there are much about 3 story in the process : forming expedients, practicing alchemy, and practicing experiments. that session was my first time, thinking about profession.

The story of survival, comes when the resource is not enough. Based on last discussion in the little prince, there is little desperation among the young architect, they are very optimistic. They talked about the respect to the master, that they are willing to learn so much thing for being architect not even from one person, but from many person. They won’t give up, but interestingly, there are various job that was discussed such as junior urban designer and as architectural assistant while their scope of work is different. Architect is a certified profession in Indonesia, it’s like doctor, lawyer, accountant while urban designer is new, the product is more into vision and guideline. Being architect need to be social and contemplative as well, it depends on the your own value as an architect.

As a person who will be young architect might wonder on how the process of selection of an architect, this will answer how to get client: [1]

NB A survey by the RIBA in 2014 (Ref RIBA Journal February 2014) revealed that the most common methods of appointing architects were :
Direct appointment 50%
Competitive fee bid or financial tender only 21%
Framework agreement with or without further competition for specific projects 10%
Invited competitive interview (no pre-qualification questionnaire PQQ) 4%
Expression of interest / PQQ only (no design work) 3%
Expression of interest / PQQ followed by competitive interview (no design work) 3%
Expression of interest / PQQ followed by design competition 2%
Invited design competition (no PQQ) 1%
Open design competition 1%
Other 4%

Smaller practices tended to be appointed mostly by direct appointment (61%), whereas this was less common for larger practices (25%). So it’s pretty clear that architect need to be social person. In order to be social there are various book that is best pick : Outliers written by Malcolm Gladwell, Good to Great written by Jim Collins

In forming how to get selected , architect need to show his design work by portfolio, and set of quotation or even if it is based on trust, the quotation could be adjusted but it really depends on chemistry between architect and owner.

Even, Traditionally there are 3 standard ways an architect may charge: [1] as I mean standard, that is to be noted, that some of the contract and circumstance can be varied and modified as nature of the project changes.

1. A percentage of the build cost. This requires that an approximate build cost can be estimated (so that an appropriate percentage can be calculated) and that the scope and nature of the services required from the architect are known.

2. Lump sum fee. This is popular for home owners and small clients as it gives certainty about the total cost at the outset. Lump sum fees are appropriate where the scope of work required is well known when the appointment is made. If the nature of the appointment or of the project varies beyond agreed limits, then the fee may need to be re-negotiated.

3. Hourly rate. This is generally reserved for work where it is difficult to define the scope of services required or the nature of the project when the appointment is made. It is important in this case that fees are capped to a maximum that can be charged without prior agreement and that detailed records of hours worked are kept.

A percentage of build cost is the reasonable and most fair option but it needs the collaboration with the construction industry in best team to put the building in more efficient way and more advanced integration building system. Lump sum fee is picked because of the nature of the project is still unknown, the capability of the consultant and the contractor is unknown. Hourly rate is picked because the trust is small or the work is small. That is why I love to work on site, build on site, work with builder directly forming a relationship, craftmanship, social connection, or economic problem.

Good practice of architect firm was discussed by Bob Miklos, “There is a prevailing understanding of what is appropriate on a percentage basis,” notes Bob Miklos, a partner in Boston’s Design LAB. “We use a percentage … to establish the fee that becomes a fixed fee, to see if we’re in the ballpark.” This can range from 9 to 10 percent for new construction and basic services and consulting to 10 to 12 percent for renovations “in a good year,” Miklos says, while commercial projects ratchet down to 5 to 7 percent. (Renovation projects get higher fees because architects must investigate and document existing conditions that will be preserved, worked around, modified, or added on to.) [2] The standard is much lower in Indonesia while the billing is based on month and non personal cost

There are 2 various type of client :
1. Sympathetic client : this is friend for life who appreciate architecture.
2. Distrustful client : this is the harder part when there is compromise, actually it’s about alchemy process between architect clients.
3. Swing client : architect need to explain, share informations needed about technical and more to the design, also the nature of the project for client’s need.

choosing architect is a very difficult job,because client and architect need to be collaborate, and the expectation is high from the both side to create a beautiful and meaningful project for clients and for life of an architect. It’s worth it.

Peter Wangkar is one of my sympathetic client, who appreciate work of architecture. Here is the project in BSD, it is about a sanctuary of his life, he worked hard for his life, and he would like to have a functional house sited in the beautiful site, facing very nice view. The form is curve and used for framing view.
Peter Wangkar is one of my sympathetic client, who appreciated our work of architecture. Here is the project in BSD, it is about a sanctuary of his life, he worked hard for his life, and he would like to have a functional house sited in the beautiful site, facing very nice view. The form is curve and used for framing view. Our studio is working hard for fruition of this house, by investing time to provide detail, and further study of elevation section and more to detail.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.02.57 AM


[1] http://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Architect’s_fees
[2] http://www.architectmagazine.com/practice/architectural-fees-whats-your-time-worth_o

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99% Sumarah is featured in Casa Bravacasa Indonesia